The Afgan Village Restaurant


BolaniBolani $ 4.95
Turnovers filled with leek, potatoes, onions and herbs.



Qabuli Palau $9.95
Seasoned rice with tender chunks of lamb under a heaping sweet carrot strips and raisins.

Sabzi Chalu $8.95
Specially seasoned stir-fried spinach sauce, served with white rice.

Kabob murgh $8.95
Pieces of boneless chicken breast, marinated in special herbs and spices, broiled on a skewer.

Kabob Gosfand $12.95
Chunks of tender lamb, marinated in special spices and garlic, broiled on a skewer.

Kabob Shami (Ground Beef BBQ) $9.95
Seasoned ground beef, broiled on a skewer.

Combo Kabob $12.95
A combination of boneless chicken and ground beef kabobs.

Shinwary Kabob $12.95
Special cuts of tender lamb ribs, marinated in special herbs, broiled on a skewer.

Fish Kabob $12.95
Fresh Salmon Marinated in special herbs and spices.

Mantoo $9.95
Ground beef and onion-filled dumpling, topped with fresh homemade yogurt, meat sauce & dried mint.

Chapli Kabob $9.95
Beef patties mixed with onion, leek and other Afghan seasonings, grilled until cooked thoroughly.

Chicken Karhai $10.95
Chicken sautéed with fresh tomatoes, spices, ginger and garlic.

Lamb/Goat Karhai $14.95
Lamb/Goat meat seasoned with fresh herbs and spices, cooked to perfection.

Afghan Village Kabob $13.95
A combination of Shinwaray (2 chops) and Lamb kabobs (one skewer).

Kufta Palau $9.95
Combination of Kufta (Meatballs) and Qabuli Rice.

Hardawa $9.95
Lamb, Gravy, Salad, Cilantro.


Bouranee Baunjan $7.95
Eggplant cooked with special seasonings with Yogurt on top.

Palak $7.95
Special recipe of Spinach.


Dogh (Yogurt Drink) $1.95
Fresh drink made out of homemade yogurt.

Sodas including Bottled Water $0.99

Fresh Fruit Juices $1.95

Afghan Green Tea (Qahwa) Complementary

Traditional Afghan green tea with cardamom.

Milk Tea $1.50


Homemade Hummus $2.99

Chickpeas Qorma $7.95
Beautiful combination of Chicken and chickpeas.

Beef Qorma $7.95
Flavorful combination of beef and beans.

Maust $2.95
Homemade Yogurt.

Chicken / Beef Roll $5.99

Shor Nakhod $3.99


Shir Berenj (Rice Pudding) $2.99

Kids Meal

Chicken Nuggets with Fries $4.95

Fries $1.95

Side / Extra Rice $2.95


Bolani with Green Tea $4.95

Afghan Village Platter $19.99

Afghan Village kabob $13.95

Chicken and lamb combo kabob $12.95

Chicken nuggets with fries $4.95

Kabob gosfand (lamb kabob) $12.95

Tandoori Naan $0.95

Kofta Palau $9.95

Shinwary kabob $12.95

Soup (Aush) $4.95

Naan $0.95